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Nadia Coetzee - Nutritionist - Root Your Health - Perth - Brenda Paola Cano Children- Client - Testimonial

Brenda Cano

Having the opportunity to explore and experience food in this amazing way has taken my approach towards a healthy life to a higher level. Isn’t it crazy that we don’t know how delicious living a healthy life can be? Well, let me tell you that I love to be allowed to have a sweet breakfast and tons of chocolate!

Nadia changed my concept of “less is more” and “bland is good” for a bold “you can eat as much as you want if your body asks for it” and a very kind “healthy doesn’t mean tasteless”. That tiny bit of what she has brought to us is something my kids and I will be forever grateful!


Sarah Kim

Thank you Nadia for your wealth of knowledge of food and nutrition! It has made a massive impact on my energy levels and overall general well-being the last 3 months especially working shift work. I feel a lot more energetic throughout the day and don’t feel completely exhausted by the end of the day. Your support and motivation keep me going with specialised individualised health plans it has made me more motivated to continue a healthier lifestyle! So grateful to have met such a lovely nutritionist and person in general!

Nadia also doesn’t force or make you feel pressured to stop eating what I love but instead recommends alternatives or a certain time of the day to eat certain foods. This was my main concern because I love food so much!

Nadia Coetzee - Nutritionist - Root Your Health - Perth - Sarah Kim - Client - Testimonial
Nadia Coetzee - Nutritionist - Root Your Health - Perth - Sebastian Campbell - Client - Testimonial

Sebastian Campbell

Hiring Nadia was the best investment in myself I ever could make because it possibly added 10 – 20 years to my life. Since I have passed the 35 years mark, my body changed, and year by year, I added more Kg to my body weight without actually changing my diet.

Nadia helped me develop a healthy lifestyle without changing too much of my beloved food habits but added so much more to my diet and explained to me the chemical processes in my body and how to use them for a health benefit. Her knowledge about food and gut health is second to none. Therefore, I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to turn their lives into a healthier one.

Fadzi Whande

I have been working with Nadia for a few months and I immediately started to see changes when I implemented her suggestions. Nadia helped me realise the importance of maintaining a healthy mindset and routine after years of poor nutrition and eating habits. I have been able to sleep better and feel more energetic during the day. I would highly recommend Nadia for anyone wanting to develop a healthier lifestyle.

Nadia Coetzee - Nutritionist - Root Your Health - Perth - Fadzi Whande - Client - Testimonial
Nadia Coetzee - Nutritionist - Root Your Health - Perth - Micaela Vallipuram - Client - Testimonial

Micaela Vallipuram

I never thought I had a bad relationship with food, and I thought I was relatively healthy until I met Nadia. She introduced me to a whole new world of health and nutrition.

Leading up to my wedding, I knew something needed to shift in my life, which was my health. After visiting a naturopath and determining what foods I was intolerant to, Nadia came up with a very personal meal plan for me to help me heal my gut.

Because I’m such a foodie who loves bold flavours, Nadia presented me with different options to make my food taste amazing but not affect me.

I loved her approach and support for health and nutrition without Nadia, I wouldn’t have felt as amazing and beautiful on my wedding day and still to this day, I use her plan to better my health and lifestyle.

Thank you for all your knowledge and love!

Elizabeth Aitken

Nadia has helped me totally transform my relationship with food. The results of our work together have given me more energy and more freedom with my diet.

Over the years, I’ve seen nutritionists, dieticians and everything in between in an effort to seek help for coeliac, gut issues and disordered eating. Nadia’s sessions were practical and made an immediate impact on my health as well as my habits and stumbling block.

Everyone needs a Nadia!

Nadia Coetzee - Nutritionist - Root Your Health - Perth - Elizabeth Aitken - Client - Testimonial

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Culinary Experiences

Cooking skills, kitchen organising and healthy alternative recipes

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Gut health, eating habits, supplements and nutrition

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New Product Development Consulting

Sustainability and food innovation

Pre & Post Natal Nutrition

Maintaining optimal health for you and your baby

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Workshops, Seminars & Collaborations

Gut health, fitness, nutrition and sustainability

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Hunger Relief Foundations

Partnering with projects to end hunger


Join this informative conversation about the impact of gut health on our mood, hormones and capacity to handle the ups & downs of life. 

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