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Vegan Nachos

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15 min

18 min

4 - 5


2 Cans black beans drained

2 Cans chopped tomato

1 medium-sized red onion diced finely

200 g Rosa tomatoes halved

1 Avocado smashed

2 limes juiced

1 Red pepper diced

1 Can jack fruit drained and shredded

2 tbsp Olive oil

1 tbsp Coconut sugar/honey

200 g Organic corn chips

Season with salt and pepper to taste

1 tsp Red chilli paste of 1 fresh chopped chilli (optional)

Chopped jalapenos (optional)

Chopped mint or coriander (optional)


  1. Heat a medium pan once hot, add olive oil and half the red onion and fry for 3 min.
  2. Then add the juice of 1 lime, coconut sugar and jack fruit and fry for another 3 min.
  3. Add half of the red pepper, chilli (optional) and black beans and fry for 2 min.
  4. Add 2 cans of chopped tomato and close lit and cook for 10 min.
  5. Smash avocado, juice of half a lime, salt and pepper and chopped jalapenos together until smooth and combined to make guacamole.
  6. Add half a chopped onion, red pepper, lime, chopped mint(optional) and Rosa tomatoes together to form salsa and season to taste with salt, pepper and coconut sugar.
  7. To assemble Nachos on a flat tray or plate, first layer out corn chips until the plate’s bottom is covered. Then follow with a few scoops of warm bean mix topped with salsa, guacamole and fresh chopped mint/coriander.


Favourite toppings to add to this dish is jalapeno hummus (Obela), plain coconut yogurt seasoned with lime and pepper or if in season diced mango.


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