Root Your Health New Product Development (NPD) Consulting provides services to assist in the 4 key stages of product development in the food sector:





Stage 1: Ideation

The concept and completed brief of the new or existing product and how this product will fit into the current market. Will the scope of the project have regional or global preferences and be focused on a specific target market or market size. These are a few factors that will play a role in finalizing the idea and determining the market share of product before development starts.

Stage 2: Formulation

Creating a new product based on factory-scale recipe formulations to generate an estimated product cost based on procured ingredient costs.

Stage 3: Processing

The approved formulation will undergo a factory (upscale trial) to test and see if the standard operating procedure will be efficient for producing the final product at the approved sensory standard. Quality and food safety critical control points will be established to make sure the optimal shelf-life of the product is reached. Final costing is generated to determine end product cost.

Stage 4: Commercialisation

Once the product has been manufactured and the final product specifications have been completed product will move onto the commercialization step to launch a product into the store for sale. Steps include creating a label, determining to package, and updating the costing and marketing strategy.

Time-Line for new product development

Our Approach

Current Projects

Middle Eastern Dips and Snacks

  • Brand New: Yalla Bala
  • 5 Condiments (Hummus, Amba, Tahini, Falafels, Zhug)
  • New product development and launch (longer full consulting package of 1-3 years)
  • Product launch 2023
  • Social media: @yalla.bala


Dried Blueberry Powder Manufacturing

  • Fresh-farmed blueberries converted to a functional value-added product
  • 5th Generation drying technology
  • Value Engineering and minimizing food waste
  • Shelf-life extension methods
  • Sensory evaluations
  • Product launch 2023


Oat-Milk and streamline product development

  • Company: Whole Green Foods
  • Website:
  • WINX Technology: Cell bursting and Food waste elimination
  • Creating nutritional enhanced functional products from food waste streams
  • Pilot plant trials and standard operational procedure creation
  • Shelf-life and nutritional analysis


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Australian Market

South African Market

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