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14 April 2021 | 14:00

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The terminology Gut Health and its effect on your overall health have been drawing a lot of attention with the development of fermented foods, weight loss, eating a diet high in fibre, and taking a daily probiotic.

The collection of gut bacteria known as your Gut Microbiome acts as your second brain, impacting your mood, sleep, brain activity, immune system and hormones.

This workshop will offer practical lifestyle knowledge on creating the perfect environment for your Gut Microbiome to thrive in and improve your overall wellbeing.

Gut health is prevalent in today’s society due to a large amount of scientific evidence available on the important role our gut health plays. Due to the outbreak of influenza viruses and increasing anxiety, depression, PTSD and insomnia, a strong immune system is vital. The digestive tract holds 80% of our immune system and is influenced by what food we eat and less by environmental factors. Despite the breakthrough in advanced medicine, the numbers of chronic diseases have increased.

what we offer

  • Practical lifestyle habits to sustain and improve healthy gut bacteria
  • Stressors that destroy and decrease good gut bacteria
  • Link between Mental wellness and good gut bacteria
  • Benefits of following a flexitarian diet
  • Free weekly heal your gut meal-plan
  • Practical demonstration of putting together a nutritious plant-based dinner meal
  • Improve your gut health with the 4 R’S
  • What is Teff and how can this improve your overall health
  • The importance of breakfast and how this impacts your basal metabolic rate and gut health
  • When is the best time to enjoy your perfect cup of coffee

probiotics and supplements

The science behind pre and probiotics and how to implement these good gut bacteria naturally and through supplements.
What supplements can you take to improve the immune system and indirectly gut health?

food labelling

What are the ingredients we should be aware of in processed food products that disrupts the Gut Microbiome.

gut health and weight-loss

What specific strains of good gut bacteria help with managing a healthier weight and decrease waistline fat.
How a diet high in fibre and plant-based protein decreases your daily calorie intake?

eating and sleeping habits

How do good eating habits affect your sleep quality?
Can morning breath be improved by what you consume daily and when you consume certain foods?