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Recipes with Nadia Coetzee - Nutritionist - Root Your Health Perth - Easy Gf Sweet Potato, Spinach and Goats Cheese Lasagna

Easy Gf Sweet Potato, Spinach and Goats Cheese Lasagna

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30 min

30 min



2 Packets of gf lasagna sheets (350 g), I used San Remo brand

¼ of Pumpkin peeled, diced into small cubes

200 g Sliced mushrooms of choice

1 ½ cups of Diced pumpkin

1 Red onion finely chopped

1 Red pepper medium, diced finely

1 Bunch of fresh basil

1 Packet of organic frozen spinach (450 g)

300 g of Goats cheese/ Vegan option cashew soft cheese

200 g of Fresh buffalo mozzarella of choice/ Vegan option

Juice and zest of 1 lemon

2 tbsp Mixed herbs

1 tbsp honey/coconut sugar

2 Jars of Tomato base (800 g), (Providore or Fragassi is my go to)

Seasoned to taste with salt and pepper



  1. Preheat the oven at 180 ° C, baking setting.
  2. Make sure you have a large deep rectangular baking tray or bowl to layer your lasagne in.
  3. In a medium sized pot add enough olive oil to coat bottom of pot and fry your diced onions on a medium heat for 5-8 min.
  4. Add 2 tbsp of mixed herbs and mushroom to your pot and fry for 5 minutes. Add juice and zest of 1 lemon and honey.
  5. Add diced peppers to pot and fry for 5 minutes, add diced pumpkin and half of jar of tomato base (200 g) add lid to pot and let it cook for 5-10 minutes until pumpkin is soft.
  6. In a separate small pot add frozen spinach, 150 g (1 serving) goats cheese and black pepper and let it simmer with lid on stirring occasionally until frozen spinach has defrosted.
  7. Start layering your lasagne sheets, first cover baking tray with 1 tbsp olive oil and layer you uncooked lasagne sheets to cover base of your tray/bowl. Add a layer of your tomato base followed by a few scoops of pumpkin mixture and fresh basil.
  8. Then start with second layer of pasta sheets followed by spinach and goats cheese filling, add additional tsp serving of goats cheese on top of spinach mixture. Evenly spread out.
  9. Repeat process until mixture is all done or tray is full, I made 2 layers of pumpkin base and 1 layer of spinach in a large tray.
  10. For the top (last) layer of lasagne add sheet of pasta with only tomato base, fresh basil, add sliced fresh mozzarella or vegan option of preference and cover with foil making sure it doesn’t touch the top layer of cheese.
  11. Bake for 15 minutes covered, then remove foil and bake for additional 15 minutes until top is golden brown and crispy.
  12. Serve hot and garnish with fresh basil.


Serve with my super green probiotic salad dressing and green salad. Can be frozen and baked when needed, last for up to 4 months frozen.

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